Respiratory Diseases

There are many Respiratory diseases, some are more common than others. Some of the ones I will be telling you about are the common cold, flu, bronchitis, tuberculosis. The first one I will tell your about is the common cold, this diseases is not deadly (as we probably all know) and it is viral which means it is not caused by bacteria. the second diseases that I will tell you about is flu, this is a diseases that is worse than the common cold, you get a fever with this diseases and it can cause a lung infection. Another diseases that I will tell you about is pneumonia, this is were your lungs have been infected and are full of fluid. This can be deadly if you have long term exposure to this diseases. The forth diseases that I will tell you about is bronchitis which is a diseases that makes your bronchi swell it is also deadly if you have long term exposure. The fifth disease that I will tell you about is tuberculosis this is a bacterial infection caused myocobacterium tuberculosis. It causes a barrier to grow in the lung to prevent the spread of bacteria. This barrier can grow so thick that the person is unable to get enough air in and out of their lungs. The sixth disease I will tell you about is polio, this diseases is caused by bacteria, which causes the muscle to be paralyzed and the rib cage and diaphragm are unable to function. This cause a person to be placed in a machine to do the breathing for you. The final diseases that I will tell you about is emphysema and lung cancer, this is the break down of lung tissue that is deadly. Smoking kills the cilia in the bronchi, which would cause you to be unable to get mucus and the germs and bacteria that it carries out of your lungs. Some things that may effect a person's breathing are allergies, asthma and air pollution. Asthma is often a reaction to pollutant or allergy triggers which causes the bronchial tubes to swell and prevent the body from getting enough air. Some of the other air pollutants that can effect your breathing are car exhaust, smog, mold and gasses,many pollutants can cause disease or damage the lungs.