The major organs of the respiratory system are the lungs, diaphragm and the trachea (wind pipe). they all are important to make sure you are still breathing. the trachea is a tube that connects the pharynx to the bronchi this organ produces muscus to try to capture all germs and bacteria, before the germs and bacteria reach the lungs. the bronchi tubes are lined with cilia, which help to remove the germs once captured by the mucus. The trachea is built of c-shaped cartiliage wich allows the esophagus when it is working to expand, the trachea is also built in a manner that it will not close (collaspe). The trachea is never closed, The diaphragm is the muscle that with your rib cage lets you inhale and exhale. When this muscle is relaxed you inhale, when the muscle is tense you exhale. The lungs are where the oxygen is given to the red blood cells and the carbon dioxide is taken out of the red blood cells and then exhaled.